Construction industry is one of the industries in the world that has high stakes. The management of this multi-billion-dollar industry must be done with proper scheduling and supervision. Construction project management is the art of undertaking a construction project to meet its cost, time and quality deadlines in a sustainable way with the shortest time span, meeting the needs and requirements of clients. This STRUCTURA ASCE-VIT brings to you an interactive workshop for all Civil Engineering students interested to pragmatically learn Construction Management accompanied with actual case studies that will help familiarize Civil Engineering students to the management techniques involved over the complete timeline of a construction project, exposing them to the various roles of a construction project manager. This workshop will help the students understand the different phases of a construction project and be able to manage and execute the project with efficiency. This STRUCTURA, we bring to you revered professors with exceptional proficiency to explain procurement and contract management and will prove as a holistic experience for the one who wants to assemble the structures for their career.