Soft clay or silt , loose sand or organic soils, uncontrolled fill or high groundwater. Ground Improvement technology has advanced to help us succeed in the construction of unique products, no matter what the soil conditions are. This STRUCTURA,ASCE-VIT expounds a workshop aiming at exposing the partakers to the concepts underpinning a range of ground improvement techniques and recognition of how these techniques are applied in practice. This workshop also will involve the concepts of changes in soil properties and approaches done to make sure that every soil condition has a solution which plays an important role in the field of civil engineering. This workshop will also be covering about the aspect’s quality control and monitoring procedures during execution of ground improvement techniques, which is essential to ensure successful implementation and performance. The techniques presented in the workshops will prove to provide significant sustainability advantages in comparison to more traditional deep foundation methods. Join us in this STRUCTURA, ASCE-VIT to embark on a different spectrum of understanding how civil engineering functions will not be able to subsist without its mainstay.